Employer Branding

In this age of brand perception, employee branding has turned out to be one of the key factors in persuading a talent into joining a particular organization. Employer branding refers to the efforts taken by an organization to promote itself in a certain way so as to attract the smartest talent in the market. Nowadays, a lot of firms have resorted to employer branding so as to create a high-level perception about their brand so that they hire only the top talent at any given time. Top-notch firms use novel ways to instill the idea that these organizations are best in class in the minds of job seeking individuals. And this way are able to fascinate them to vie for the positions in these companies.

How Employer Branding Helps

Employer branding helps a firm to attain talent retention which is important to achieve strategic business goals. Besides, having a positive brand in the industry also makes it easier to recruit people from the top business schools and firms. When a firm offers a unique value proposition to any promising candidate, it presents it’s set of values and offerings with the intent to attract the talent. And this unique value proposition is what defines the employer’s branding. Employer branding helps an organization to emerge as the employer of choice for any promising, skilled job seeking individual.

What all Organizations can do on Employer Branding

For effective employer brand promotion, a firm can only fascinate existing and prospective employees if it has a character that is genuine, honest, relevant, unique and aspirational. To accomplish this, thorough research needs to be done in order to ensure that the firm’s identity reaches not only to the Top talent but is also in accordance to the top management’s wishes.

Forging a brand entails putting in the blend of your values, commitment, quality of work and then presenting them up in an exciting cover that captures the imagination of your target talent. To establish a formidable employer brand you need to carefully frame your networking abilities and merge it with the company’s strategy. In order to expect viable effect of your branding vehicles you need to focus on specific platforms that are relevant to your focus group. Here are a few things employers can do for successful branding.

  • Asses your present employer brand recognition and reputation among your key external target audiences with the help of surveys
  • Chalk out a plan on how you would like to be perceived among your audience based on a realistic evaluation of your specific strengths and channel it to create a compelling Employee Value Proposition for your audience.
  • Use social media to your advantage by sharing success stories that highlight your achievements in order to engage with prospective candidates and enhance your brand’s reputation.
  • Create campaigns that demonstrate the value of your company and the benefits of working with your organization

How to Measure Employer Branding Effectiveness

To earn a reputation in the eyes of your target audience, your organizations also need to perform consistently well. Consistency paves way for trust so you must remember that your actions will also bear consequences in your future. Take wary steps to build credibility as what takes long to materialize, stays that way longer. Make sure that you never fail on your commitments because when you do so you lose a chunk of your hard earned employer trust. By keeping these basic checks in mind you are sure to have great employer branding. However, it is also important to measure your branding effectiveness from time to time in order to overhaul your strategies if need be. Here are a few typical measures that will help measure your employer branding effectiveness.

  • Cost involved per hire
  • Time to recruit for a position
  • Quality of candidates
  • Cost incurred per qualified candidate
  • Retention and Attrition rate
  • Employee engagement score
  • Employee satisfaction score
  • Quality of recruits

Transitioning role of Chief Human Resource Officer to lead EB/EM

Our times have transformed and we are moving to a digital age. The emergence of social media has made companies more transparent to the general public. People are far more likely to believe in a company depending on its employees opinions than on its paid advertising. This suggests that talent attraction depends more on employee engagement and advocacy. In this context it becomes increasingly important for the top leadership such as the Chief Human Resource Officer to take the reins of employer branding and take it to great heights by bringing in policies or suggesting strategies in this regard. So whether Human Resource or marketing takes the lead in conveying the employer brand to the audience, a growing number of firms have transitioned the accountability and responsibility for the employer brand experience on the CHRO.

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