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People and Culture Advisory Services

The Human element is the key factor for an organization’s growth, because they provide inspiration, creativity, vision and motivation that moves the firm ahead. We enable leaders and organizations to thrive by working on the Human element through our full suite of HR Advisory services.

Workplaces are getting radically restructured at a rapid pace. Today’s firms are facing a myriad set of challenges and thus firms need to consistently work at a frenetic pace to ensure work gets done in creating an ecosystem where we have a strong , engaged, agile and productive workforce. Our HR advisory services enable firms in moving from a transactional role to that where it enhances the strategic role and has a strong impact on the business.

Our thrust is on building frameworks, strategies that not only boost the organizational capabilities but also enable firms in having a workforce that is passionate and committed to the work they do. Our methodologies are based on building a powerful culture and strong value system across the organization.

Key Services

Our HR advisory services focus on building on organization’s culture and frameworks for effective human capital management.


Assessments act as the stepping stone before redesign and building of necessary frameworks mandated by HR. CREATING VALUES consulting practices such as Leadership Impact Analysis or HR Digital Readiness Assessment and Roadmap enables firms in looking at problems from a different lens and then provide actionable recommendations in order to meet those challenges.

Key Services

  • Culture Assessment

  • HR Health Assessment

  • Leadership Impact Analysis

  • Climate Survey

  • Employee Engagement Survey

  • HR Digital Readiness Assessment & Roadmap


From defining organization’s Vision, Mission Values, to People Advisory during Mergers, we work with firms and towards building HR strategies that are aligned with the over broad goals of the enterprise. We work in partnership with you and help you deliver on your vision.

Key Services

  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

  • Vision, Mission & Values

  • Organization Structuring

  • Succession Planning

  • Executive Coaching

  • M & A People Advisory

  • Assessment & Development Centres

  • Policies & Procedures


CREATING VALUES thorough its Talent Management advisory practices such as Performance Management, Leadership Development, Competency Mapping supports organizations in designing and executing critical programs from business driven HR perspective resulting in transforming people for competitive advantage.

Key Services

  • Performance Management

  • Learning & Development

  • Leadership Development

  • JDs, KRAs and KPIs

  • Key People Assessment

  • Competency Mapping

  • HIPO/HIPER Identification & Development


Culture defines every critical aspect of an organization. We, at CREATING VALUES, visualize, articulate and develop strategies that will enable HR function towards effective Human Capital Management across multiple areas. These broad based organizational strategies are targeted towards creating and sustaining a culture that supports the primary Business imperative.

Key Services

  • Employee Experience

  • Culture Transformation

  • Behaviour Value Mapping

  • Total Rewards Framework

  • Induction Program

  • Employee Engagement

  • Change Management

  • Organization Effectiveness


Typically HR functions operates in a strategic vacuum, responding to the business’ day-to-day operating needs without a clear view of the big picture. Through some of our customized product offerings such as Exit Interviews, Employee Handbooks or Culture Workshops, CREATING VALUES, provides diverse set of HR ready reckoners to compliment HR Operations.

Key Services

  • Employee Handbook

  • Exit Interview Wallets

  • Employer Branding Videos

  • Culture Workshops

  • Emotional Intelligence Workshops

  • CHRO as a Service

  • HRIS Evaluation and Project Management

  • Internal HR Branding Initiatives


Enabling Change Management

CREATING VALUES created a structured approach that enabled transitioning of individuals, teams, and organization from the current state of flux to a desired future state.



Team Building, Cohesiveness & Brand Essence

CREATING VALUES helped in facilitating a learning experience that empowered workshop participants to discover what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team.



Organization Diagnostics

The team of CREATING VALUES carried out an Function Diagnostics project and created a framework along with strategies to enable the firm’s HR function to go beyond the “Transactional” HR to that of a “Transformational” HR.



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