Who We Are

We hate using the word 'old' to describe ourselves! Being 'young' gives us the freedom to innovate and the energy to remain on our toes at all the times, both of which are integral parts of our work culture. Since arriving on the scene in 2013, Creating Values has been able to carve out a niche for itself by coming up with tailored solutions for two of the most critical aspects related to any business, People & Technology.


Leading the team from the front is our
founder & Managing Director,
Anshul Dureja.

Our First Credentials

Don’t go by our young age; Creating Values has already managed to achieve some
enviable milestones.

What we don't do

Apart from the millions of wonderful services we offer, there are also some things that are beyond our ethics of work.

What We Do

Information Technology

Our IT solutions take care of the 'technology' aspect of your business in a holistic manner. From Software licensing advisory and Network security assessment to framing IT policies and developing your IT team, we have got it all covered for you. Most significantly, we do not employ a 'one size fits all' model. All our IT solutions are framed around the specific needs of the clients.

Human Resources

We bet you are great at your business! But are you great with people too? Unless you intend to acquire 100-odd robots to run your business, you would need people to work for you. And while they are busy working & growing your business, Creating Values will take care of all the employee related policies, leadership programs, rewards & all other aspects to ensure that their outcome is at par with their potential.

Thought Leadership

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Here are some perks of joining our team-

  • First & foremost, you get to be a part of these cute pictures!
  • An opportunity to be a founding member of one of the fastest growing management consulting start-ups in the country.
  • You would work for an organization, which has virtually no competition in its area of operations. No wonder, we always focus on TINA - there is no alternative, but us!
  • You get a chance to give back to the society. CSR is not a liability for us; it is a part of our job!
  • No matter what your religion is, we will celebrate your festivals with you!

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Find Out what CREATING VALUES has been brewing around.

Awards and Accolades

What’s Happening


In the endeavour to “Enabling the Enablers” of Businesses, lie our genesis. With a goal to help transform people into talent, and help Organizations leverage Technology better, CREATING VALUES got formed in the year 2013.

Leading the team from the front is our founder & Managing Director,
Anshul Dureja. Prior to founding CREATING VALUES, Anshul was President - Corporate Operations in one of the largest mid-size companies. He has worked across various companies across sectors of various sizes in between 200M$ to 2B$. In his corporate journey, Anshul has handled various roles like that of
Chief Information Officer, Chief People Officer & Chief Green Officer, amongst others.

Having seen the Business Operations closely for Organizations, Anshul was quick to realize that most of the organizations are always in a tussle with two key aspects, Technology & People. Organizations stand on the basis of the effectiveness of their people. And it is the Technology that ensures conversion of people’s efficiency into effectiveness. These key imperatives, led him to grow the seed for his Entrepreneurship venture.

Besides leading his stint as an Entrepreneur, Anshul is a Coach. He is currently authoring a book on Happiness. He is an avid Philanthropist and is always keen in exploring the ways in which he can excel in his passion, to Create Values!

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Our First Credentials

In our attempt to always excel ourselves as TINA (There is No Alternative), we have a continued focus on expanding our first credentials. Have a look to know more about us.


What We Don’t Do

We don’t mean to be rude, but we would love to set the expectations straight!


For CIOs

As the Chief Information Officer of your organization, you are best placed to take decisions regarding the IT ecosystem of your organization. It is imperative for us to ensure that you see our services as a value addition to you.

Our IT consultancy services have the potential to empower you in the following ways –


As the person overlooking all the Human Resource Management operations in the organization, the Chief Human Resource Officer is given an improbable task of keeping all the people happy at all the times. Under immense pressure from all quarters, the CHRO is likely to find a trustworthy partner in Creating Values. Here is what we offer to make your job easier –