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At CREATING VALUES, we are the preferred strategy advisors to enterprises who see opportunity in challenges. Whether you are a Mid or a Large size Corporate, if it is a business challenge related to People, Culture, Strategy or Technology, we are thrilled to take it head-on and help you succeed!

Who we are


Gain deeper insights through in-depth engagement

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GDPR:25.05.2018, Are you ready GDPR Ready?

GDPR is bringing sweeping changes to data protection and privacy compliance, yet many companies aren’t sure how the law affects them or what compliance…

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Putting your Brain to Emotional Intelligence

The door opened and entered the most dreaded man in Divya Pvt. Ltd.-Mr. Vipin Taneja (MD). He was the kind of person who kept everyone on their …

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HR Trends for Indian Businesses in 2018

2017 saw a lot of positivity with which some new revolutionary pieces started and they also laid the cornerstone for the emerging 2018.

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