Putting Brain to Emotional Intelligence

The door opened and entered the most dreaded man in Divya Pvt. Ltd.-Mr. Vipin Taneja (MD). He was the kind of person who kept everyone on their toes, be it the peon to the CEO. One would thank their stars if they didn’t have to face him the entire day. He was the typical Machiavellian boss straight out of some Hollywood classic. His typical day started with pinpointing the microscopic faults in everyone’s work. *ENTER* Ms. Babita Anand (CHRO), she was the most pleasant person to work with; A complete opposite of what Mr.Taneja was. No awards for guessing, they were always at loggerhead with each other. But as luck could have it, the first thing in the morning was a meeting scheduled with the MD for her. Post the initial pleasantries, nothing else could be said was even close to being pleasant. In spite of being a highly intelligent man, but he spewed venom with his words. Nobody was spared from the wrath of his untamed emotions…and today…once again was the CHRO facing his wrath.

“WHERE is the vendor for the Leadership Development Project???? Is this what you are here in the organization for??? If this is how you work then I must say you are draining the company’s resources every month”, He blasted out on her.

All this while, Babita tried to put forth her point of view, but everything fell on deaf ears. Mr.MD was only concerned about why the vendor on board was still not closed upon. It went on for quite some time, with him pinpointing how incapable she had been on this project. This entire episode was witnessed by each and every employee present on the floor. The silence that followed was no less than that of No Man’s Land.

This is a typical case of how an individual with low Emotional Intelligence would act. Emotional Intelligence has always been around, but only now it is gaining popularity in the corporate world. . Gone are the days when a high IQ was synonymous with career success. In the present times, more and more importance is being given to how well a person is aware of and can manage his/her own emotions and that of others as well. Organizations are realising that it is crucial for them to also give weightage to EQ along with IQ. Emotionally Intelligent businesses already have a competitive edge over organizations which are still struggling with incorporating it into the system. This statement stands true that “Your IQ can land you a job of your choice, but your success is mostly contingent upon your level of EQ”. Coming to the Indian scenario, the basic problem has been the lack of acknowledgement at the management & HR level that E.I. is a cornerstone of professional success. Majority of the Indian businesses struggle to realise the importance. Few of them which do so, are still scratching their heads.

The first step in building an Emotionally Intelligent organization is to know what the current level of emotional intelligence in the organization, post which the necessary steps can be undertaken. And, this calls for an assessment of the same. If you also wish to build an emotionally intelligent workforce but are clueless about from where to start, this is where CREATING VALUES can come to your aid. We offer a comprehensive suite of services which entails the various aspects necessary to build an emotionally intelligent workplace.

~ This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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