Who we are

A bunch of passionate hearts & minds.

CREATING VALUES : Whatever it takes

We are not for the Serious Pros; neither as a Consulting Partner, nor as an Employer. We are Creative to the Core; We do not live by templates, Instead we believe in crafting unique solutions for every client. We play Mavericks to our clients and employees, alike. If you feel you are competitive enough at a skill, we finance you to learn with us! If you feel, you are exceptionally good at something; we pay you to teach us! If you feel you need more learning, we offer until you say ‘that’s enough’ (although we never heard anyone complain so :))

How it all started!

We got on the World map in the year 2013, when Anshul Dureja, Veteran Strategy Leader and first generation entrepreneur, founded CREATING VALUES. Having worked at the helm of affairs in the Corporate World for more than two decades, Anshul was restless to assist organizations, which are at an inflexion point of their growth curve. When not operating in the zone of ‘OURS’, he is inspiring many through his stirring blogs and Coaching sessions (as a Happiness Coach), besides delivering Motivational Talks at various popular platforms.

At CREATING VALUES, we are the preferred strategy advisors to enterprises who see opportunity in challenges. Whether you are an Mid or a Large size Corporate, if it is a business challenge related to People, Culture, Strategy or Technology, we are thrilled to take it head-on and help you succeed! Oh Yes! We are young; with no baggage. We are fiercely agile to respond to volatile market conditions and rock solid in our Values.

Discover and enhance your Knowledge about constantly evolving IT, HR and Business Trends through Creating Values “Qbinar Series.” We preach and practice unconditional commitment towards our clients, industry and scale no bar. We perfected and mastered our skills in following areas:

Technology & Risk Consulting

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People & Culture Consulting

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Business Strategy Consulting

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Brand Strategy

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Leadership Speak

People-Centricity and Technology Focus form the corner stone of our core business. These are exciting times for us, as we keep venturing into newer industry segments. We are geared to build a loved brand in the area of Business Strategy & Consulting.

Anshul Dureja


Ours is a group act. We operate as a squad and whatever we do we are constantly ‘Creating Values’ for you. A bunch of passionate hearts and minds, where we all create values for our clients, and in this process we are busy scripting a glorious first decade for ourselves.

Customer Centricity

Our philosophy is simple, whatever we do, we strive for customer excellence, satisfaction and to deliver a positive experience for all our clients.

Integrity of Action

We say what we do. For us this is our biggest core value


We create, design innovative and out of the box solutions while enabling our fueling the growth ambitions of our clients.

Our Scale

Our scale is our biggest USP. Sky high passion and ability to deliver customized offerings empowers us to compete against the Best in the Business.

Our Core Values

Every one of the Value Creators we have, holds the torch to the guiding principles of ours, which are our core values

Employee Happiness

At CREATING VALUES, we don’t focus on Employee Engagement or Employee Satisfaction, we only strive for Employee Happiness, isn’t that interesting!!

Culture Warriors

Our culture is our true unique identifier, our DNA source that provides guidelines, boundaries & expectations for our team. It is our secret tool in making happen extraordinary things


For us, the only certainty is our belief that; “We either Win or we Learn”.

Triple Bottom Line

At CREATING VALUES, we live our belief of a happier world. This world doesn’t come when we alone are the core; but when the entire ecosystem is. The Triple Bottom Line for us goes beyond profitability and includes societal and environmental dimensions as well. This forms the triad of three Ps: People, Planet and Profits.

The measure of who we are, is what we do, with what we have!

Sustainability Report 2017

We are the forefront of leading multiple initiatives of supporting and enabling the people who need it the most.

Be it Employees, Vendors or suppliers we ensure that they receive fair payment for the work they do and also ensure appropriate working conditions.

We have a sincere commitment to climate leadership that can’t be overstated. We consciously measure our carbon footprint, and aim to be carbon neutral by year 2020.

Our Sustainability Report effort is a small step in that direction.

We have been Profitable since inception with a strong EBIDTA.

This has powered us to constantly invest on innovation, customer excellence and people development.

Are you seeking people like us who can create values which not only enhance business but also enrich culture?
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