REFLECT Framework: CREATING VALUES provides strategic individual and team development services for Functional Teams

Objective: Individual and Team Development to meet Future Projections

The productivity of any organization is defined by the commitment of the employees who work in teams and groups. The client is a mid-scale manufacturing company with PAN- India presence. With future plans in sight, the CIO of the company was willing to invest in a framework beyond training  to groom present crop of employees. The management lacked the mapping model to link core competencies required to drive and achieve the established and projected business goals in relevance to IT.  CREATING VALUES’ indigenously designed REFLECT Framework was used to promote CIO’s objective of transforming his people into talent and strengthening his core team to meet the organization’s vision.

Problem Areas: Challenges faced in Defining Team Development Goals

Despite having a technically sound IT team with mixed talent and skill sets, the unstructured Organizational mapping led to ambiguity in defining career goals and efficiency benchmarks for present as well as the future. The management was staring at the following challenges:

  • Poorly defined career goals meant that the experienced employees were looking for new opportunities elsewhere
  • The organization lacked a specific team development framework to groom new talent
  • IT team had 15 members working from different locations. It meant that the existing development model was not designed with centralized framework

Without a centralized Organizational mapping, the client was unable to assess the growth potential of the employees matched with the growth of the organization. It hampered the overall efficiency of the company across all its locations.

CREATING VALUES: Pitching with Assessment and REFLECT Roadmap

CREATING VALUES identified the principal objective of creating a team with clear goals, direction and competent roles. Empowering the team with clear structure and orientation brought forth the need to introduce the industry recognized proprietary framework, REFLECT. CREATING VALUES introduced the  REFLECT Framework which was customized for the IT Function in this case. The REFLECT for IT team thus was carried out in the following phases:

Phase I: Assessment of Individual and Team Performance

CREATING VALUES did a 360 degree assessment to identify the degree of effectiveness of the existing team and its individuals.. The assessment was carried out by:

  • Segregating the employees into groups
  • Understanding the personal goals and their assessment of organizational needs
  • Creating Personalized REFLECT Calendar And Roadmap
  • Designing training programs with Intra- and Inter-team collaboration Programs
  • Monitoring the Groups over a certain period of time
  • Creating Workflow matrix to map individual skills and competencies displayed throughout its PAN Indian locations

CREATING VALUES used the following tools and techniques to design the framework.

  • Direct observation
  • Work-related questionnaires
  • Personal consultation with persons in key positions
  • 360 degree anonymous feedback
  • Evaluation of the interviews
  • Monitoring on focus groups
  • Conducting behavioural assessments/surveys

Phase II: Building the Framework based on Observations from Phase I

After investing close to 500 Man hours in the observations and assessments across PAN India locations, CREATING VALUES managed to develop a strong Organizational Mapping design as per the requirements of the CIO. The list of salient features of the REFLECT framework designed for the particular client included:

  • Defining the Missions and goals of the team
  • Establishing the Expectations from each team
  • Identifying and using the Right Process-technology-solution for better decision-making
  • Including multiple layers of performance assessment across the organization for  360 feedback mechanism
  • Committing to perennial evaluation and reassessment of the goals
  • Recognizing the feelings and behaviours of the employees through self-evaluation process
  • Enhancing team conversations to understand the behavioural patterns
  • Reducing the discrepancies cropping up between individuals using Norming techniques
  • Increasing group participation using Cohesion drills
  • Working with new Decision-making model to neutralize the negative emotions
  • Defining a new IT Team structure mapping individual career objectives with those of the organization

REFLECT becomes the Client’s Delight

REFLECT Framework is a 5-Dimensional benefit model for the client. It covers:

  • CULTURE Management: Building unwavering Trust and Respect for the Team members and the Organizational decisions
  • INNOVATION Management: Designing of REFLECT Calendar and Roadmap based on Organizational Skill Mapping
  • COLLABORATION: Using Norming techniques to break ice
  • TRAINING and MENTORING: Strengthening loyalty and brand value by Periodic 360 Degree Assessment
  • IT Management: Creating a Flexible IT environment to accommodate future expansion plans


CREATING VALUES is a Strategic Advisory firm that provides IT and HR advisory & diagnostic services to its clients. Being awarded as the “Fastest Growing Knowledge Based Start-Up in North India”, CREATING VALUES, an ISO 9001:2008 company, partners with organizations to enable transformative changes, empowering the organization’s ideas through its domain expert strategic advisory services bringing about action and reducing overall operating costs as well as increase business growth!   


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