CREATING VALUES helps slash IT Network management cost by 35 per cent!

The client is a mid-sized manufacturing company with PAN-India operations. Its existing IT network required troubleshooting and clearing of bottlenecks to make way for new set of applications.

Plan of Action

A mid-sized manufacturing company does not always have the liberty to shell out princely amount for its IT issues. However, on the other hand a serious network issue can bring in serious disruptions in a thriving business if not resolved at the earliest. The client soon realized the need to reassess these issues with network and the preparedness of their administrators to handle such situations.  

Feedback from Network Administrators

The uptime of the network was sluggish and came across as a major hurdle in the introduction of new applications and its profitability. The time spent in troubleshooting was affecting the Turn-Around-Time in key business operations. Moreover, the persistent issues incurred huge costs which could be optimized only with an immediate overhaul of the network.

CIO’s Resolution

The CIO of the company realized that the network providers are faltering and the administrators are struggling with the existing set up. The network was posing serious questions to the pace and accuracy of computing across the already complex layout that was spread over different geographies. It put immense pressure on the way different clients were collaborating with each other over the network. In order to build a dynamic and fast-paced IT ecosystem, the CIO acknowledged the need for a third party assessment of the complete network of the company.   


CREATING VALUES approached the project with a four-dimensional methodology. The assessment of the network involved:

  • Study of Network Flow
  • Configuration Management
  • Preparedness of Service providers and Network Administration  to deal with security issues
  • Preparation of Benchmark Metrics to assess the paying plan linked with Data usage

In addition, CREATING VALUES submitted a report on Cost Optimization to derive a new network design which would be ready for mitigation in the approaching cycle.

How CREATING VALUES added value to the Client Organization?

Every company faces a similar dilemma while assessing the issues with IT network. The doubts in fact double-up within a manufacturing company. CREATING VALUES teamed up with the network providers and administrators to understand the network design and the security posture of the system. We came up with following ideas:

  • Revise the Configuration of the network to help the administrators deal with issues more efficiently.
  • Redesign the security framework with the help of tools, which were guided under the security frameworks.
  • Identify the network channels that slowed down the network and replace them with a more efficient alternative.
  • Prepared a blue print of the organizational risks based on existing contracts and network preparedness. The report suggested the key drivers that need to be introduced to mitigate issues in an evolved IT architecture.
  • The report can be updated for future purposes with issues and troubleshooting details in subsequent renewals.
  • Identify Cost of using similar bandwidth and service provision using indigenously designed benchmarking maze for the scope in hand for that company. The metrics projected the actual cost the company could save by doing the alterations.


The company redesigned the entire layout to accommodate the new uptime resolution. Within the third quarter of investment, the client managed to recover its capital with an additional saving on 35 per cent of its total expense it normally incurred earlier. The current network status suggests that the network is delivering 200 basis point uptimes on a higher trajectory without any issues so far!

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