Creating Values empowers its Mid-sized client by saving INR 1.2 Crore on Microsoft EA Licensing

The Long story Cut-short: Overview

The client is a Mid-size manufacturing firm dealing in construction materials. The company invested in wide-scale licensing from the Microsoft Partner. Owing to the bundled software package, the company wound up overspending with an EA instead of saving on it. The company could not leverage on the advantage of using EA and ended up with substantial expenditure. Creating Values did a full real-time assessment of the licensing and recommended the company to standardize their Microsoft EA portfolio as business productivity software and Server software for each qualified desktop user. The move resulted in savings amounting to INR 1.2 Crore within a year.

The Problem Areas

EA is built to empower the organizations to implement technologies to blend with Enterprise Products that ensure ease of management. The 3-year contract costs are tiered to save additional cost on upgrades and avail discount over other volume licensing programs.  The client failed to churn benefits out of the package due to the following reasons:

  • The management overlooked the importance of identifying the business needs and organizational awareness before going ahead with EA.  It automatically translated into unexpected expenditure over Annual true-up.
  • The company failed to identify the exact usage volume and the sharing partners of the package. It did not the segmentation before availing EA.
  •  Any new device or user within the Enterprise required licensing for the Enterprise Products like OS, CAL and Office which meant additional cost and time. It resulted in loss of business delivery and productivity.
  • Any external product not from the EA required purchasing which required lump-sum payments.
  • Most of the products in the package were unusable or rendered obsolete due to the no immediate plans of the client’s business.

Primary Objectives achieved by Creating Values

The major challenge for Creating Values was to make the client understand the fact that not everything deployed by EA will be used within the course of the year. It requires closer scrutiny of the software package implemented and the business factors it would affect. Since the client was not able to optimize the costs, Creating Values offered them best saving option by deploying a common IT platform throughout the organization. A thorough assessment, as a neutral third party was conducted, and the results of the assessments were then analyzed, mined and presented to the client.

Following results were achieved.

  • With changing the product mix and its applicable licensing type, immediate cost savings were ensured, which were INR 1.2 Crore for the client in the 1st Year.
  • The road map for next three years of licensing ensured that the client saves an additional INR 2.7 Crore for the rest of the term.
  • The assessment report also extended tips to meet its licensing needs based on size, technology and migration plans to Cloud Services and On-premises software.
  • With the assessment results, the client was able to also leverage the SA benefits which were lying unused.

About Microsoft EA

Enterprise Agreement (EA) is a volume Software Assurance licensing package offered by Microsoft. It is offered to companies that have more than 250 personal computers in the network. The pricing of the package is a tier-based model where the company can use the licensed program for 3 years.

About Creating Values

Creating Values is an IT solution-provider that covers every aspect of the technology used in the business. Being awarded as the “Fastest Growing Knowledge Based Start-Up in North India”, Creating Values partners with organizations to enable transformative changes, empowering the organization’s ideas through its domain expert strategic advisory services bringing about action and reducing overall operating costs as well as increase business growth!   


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