CREATING VALUES aids Client in mapping Employee Behavior with the Core Values

Global MNC seeks New HR Trend for its Value System

The client is a leading MNC with global footprints and has a flourishing brand name in the Health Care industry. The company tried to sync the behavior of the employees with the core organization values. Willing to explore the level of ownership every employee took in HR Policies and Value creation within the organization, the HR Head brought in CREATING VALUES.

 CREATING VALUES gave a holistic view over the already established organizational values and worked in tandem with the HR team and the employees. The objective was to map these values with employee behavior and how they orient themselves to the new value-based system.

CREATING VALUES Pilots the Course to New Value-based Behavior System

Traditional HR model define the Organizational values as a medium to drive the behavior of their employee. Multiple awareness sessions where conducted with the employees to understand their concept on the current core values. The employees had discrete understanding of the organizational values which promoted the HR to seek consultation from CREATING VALUES.

CREATING VALUES facilitated the conception of the Employee Behavior model based on Value-Behavior Chart. The HR management was briefed about the need to drive the model based on assessment of employee behavior. The feedback from the assessment bore the Values-based Behavior with a specific Framework.

The crux of designing the framework was to enable a major segment of employee population to co-author these behaviors without being influenced by HR. The project took the following course:

  • Identification of existing behavior of the employees in the organization
  • Teaming with the core HR to develop the Value-to-Behavior Framework as part of workshop
  • Forming multiple employee clusters spread across geographies, hierarchies and functions.
  • Extract real-life case studies and discuss it with employees
  • Creation of Value-Behavior Chart based on the feedbacks of the employees placed on open forum

The four-prong approach adopted by CREATING VALUES involved the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Defining “What are Values?”

The Pre-stage Workshop involved the study of existing value system and how they are linked to the behavior of the employees.

Values were riveted into the Framework based on:

  • Activity and Role Plays
  • Studying each value and creating Frameworks of each value
  • Creating Employee clusters with similar behaviors in the organization
  • Phase 2: Creation of Value-Behavior Chart

CREATING VALUES, as part of its core HR Advisory services, devised a specialized Value to Behaviors Framework. It was achieved by:

  • Conducting open house discussion and debates on values
  • Plotting the Value – Behavior Chart based on assessment and analysis
  • Phase 3: Report Preparation

Based on the study and assessment of the values and behaviors existing in the organization, CREATING VALUES submitted the report documenting the following pointers:

  • Describe the Link between individual behavior and values
  • Classify the major personality traits appropriate for the Organizational Behavior
  • Define the link connecting different personalities, workplace behavior and attitudes
  • Mark out the potential dangers and risks associated with the personality testing
  • Put the conditions for revising the Values-Behavior Framework in the future for living up to the trend
  • Phase 4: Blending the new values into Organizational hierarchy

CREATING VALUES provided well-stitched framework to imbibe personal responsibility among the employees aligned with the success and profitability parameters of the business. The report focused on:

  • Clarity of Mission and Objective
  • Values of leadership
  • Intellectuality
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration

Direct benefits for the Client

The in-depth Values-Behavior survey and documentation done by CREATING VALUES helped the HR in making a distinction between:

  • Current Value-behavior: Creating a matrix of Do’s and Don’ts
  • Desired organizational values that employees manage to deliver
  • Linking the new Value-Behavior Framework with the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in order to ensure flexibility
  • Improve job satisfaction with attainment of personal values
  • Reduced attrition rates and improved productivity
  • Increased cases of employees following the satisfactory modes of conduct, ethics and ambitions
  • Build Strong Organizational behavior based on CREATING VALUES Framework linked to existing Training and Development program
  • Stir an organizational eco-system that supports and nurtures originality and openness of ideas, behavior and attitudes.

Objective Achieved:

The organizational value system was sown productively into the behavior of the employees with the systematic model designed by CREATING VALUES.


CREATING VALUES is a HR Advisory Organization that covers every aspect of Human Resources in the business. Being awarded as the “Fastest Growing Knowledge Based Start-Up in North India”, CREATING VALUES, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, partners with organizations to enable transformative changes, empowering the organization’s ideas through its domain expert strategic advisory services bringing about action and reducing overall operating costs as well as increase business growth!       

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