What CEO’s & Management Gurus can learn from Narendra Damodardas Modi?

NDM, as he can be briefly called, is busy in crisscrossing the globe, he is becoming a threat not only to his political adversaries, but also to another league of personalities. He is not only teaching politicians how to plan and accomplish their aims, but more importantly has cast the shadow on how CEOs of the Indian Diaspora can learn management from him.

No one has, in my limited memory, ever in the political discourse of the country tried so rigidly, ruthlessly, aggressively, assertively, persuasively, draped in hard work, strived for his or her goals like Narendra Modi is now. He reminds me of a saying I heard and deeply believe in – “which ever game you will play, you will win” If you play a game to achieve your goals, you will surely win. If you tend to be suspicious of your own goals, or even don’t walk the talk; you may or may not win.

He is telling & selling the hard point – unlearn and learn. Are we ready to imbibe it?

As a CEO – You win some, you lose some, but you carry on. You carry on for the same Goal you foresighted. Every CEO irrespective of the scale the company may be, plans about it and includes batteries of professionals to work together in achieving the goals. But is leadership easy? Probably yes and probably no. Leadership is lonely. Most of the times people come to you for you being a leader, not for you as a person. It’s the hard truth. Every single goal you see as a CEO, is for making you & your Organization establish further as a leader. It goes on.  We are known by the successes we conquer. So, we need to be ready to unlearn and learn, always. But How?

What all can CEOs learn from Modi? The list is long – the ease with which he handles his resources, marshals his troops, possibly given everyone a chance to have a say & participate but himself being the leader (for, too much democracy is a chaos), how to use marketing beautifully, how to use IT phenomenally (social media included), how to penetrate into markets where neither he or his party (company for that matter) ever had a presence, doing industry bucketing (young/middle class/ elders/communities as per his plan) , doing calculated M&As (alliances), but most importantly, balancing aggression (on rivals) and assertiveness (party seniors, and in all likely scenario with post poll allies if needed), and last but not the least, the vigor & rigor of a sustained focus & hard work.

It may be pretty difficult for other politicians to unlearn and learn from Modi brands of politics and his queer pitch to fulfill his dreams. But it may be far easier for CEOs & Management gurus to learn from him. This may also be a management recipe in a B-School for future business leaders.

One may like him or dislike him, but surely one thing everyone talks about is about his perseverance to his goals.

I can’t predict whether he will reach there or not, but yes for the sake of up keeping the belief – “which ever game you will play, you will win”, I hope he wins.

Till then, let’s see him daily all around us, and within all of us and our community of CEOs and management folks.

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