Want to know the pulse of your organization?

There is a reason they say “Keep your employees happy”. A resented employee and a spiteful employer are the two worst things any organization can have. But how to measure the impact of the loopholes in the organization that slowly erode your productivity?  With the rapid shift in organizational behavior, one thing is certain that root cause analysis alone wouldn’t help. Sometimes organizations need afresh pair of eyes to look into their problems. This unbiased judgment may at times be negative but for sure is effective. It ensures an actual SWOT analysis that definitely helps a company to grow inclusively and initiate steps that are focused on the core problems. This entire process of securing an outsider’s view on the prevalent functioning of the system comes under the purview of Organizational Diagnostics.

Organizational Diagnostics is a process that helps to diagnose the shortcomings prevailing in an organization through analytical measures such as cluster identified employee discussions, study of company policies, learning and development and leadership programs etc. hereby not corner itself only to HR but covering the entire spectrum of organizational practices.

When it comes to measuring the nuances of a workplace, it is imperative to look for the pain areas such as employee satisfaction, growth avenues, compensation parity in accordance with the market etc. Organizational diagnostics does just all this by evaluating your efficiency and effectiveness with regards to the industry makers and thus furnishing a report on the problem areas.

Why resort to Organizational Diagnostics?

A report card of your strength and weakness

The talent pool of any organizations determines the growth of the brand; hence it is extremely important that the factors affecting them are carefully diagnosed. Creating values helps you to track the efforts that you have put to enhance employee productivity and measures their effectiveness.

A measure of your commitment towards employee concern:

By taking the assistance of Creating Values, you go one step closer to display empathy for your employees.  When you care about the problems of your people, you win their trust so an Advisory service will reveal your seriousness towards your workforce.

Helps in Planning a Strategic Roadmap

Strategy and planning are two important aspects of any business and when it comes to strategy, any organization must be doubly sure before implementing any ideas. Here is where operational diagnostics comes into the picture to make sure your organization is functioning smoothly even in the face of market crisis.

Impartial diagnosis by a third party

When it comes to making an impartial judgment of the company policies and performance, you can seek help from professionals and just get it right. We let you know what worked your way and what didn’t.  In this way we perform a transparent analysis of your situation.  

CREATING VALUES enables you ready up for the future

We help you to determine the factors that are affecting the performance of your employees and suggest solutions for improvement. Through a comprehensive study of the characteristics of your company, we help you develop readiness to tackle the uncertainties in the market. 

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