How to protect and secure your network from Vulnerability and Threats?

A fundamental truth regarding networks and the internet is that there is always going to be a possibility of attack. Unless one takes certain important steps, one is always vulnerable to threats both from within and outside the office. Administrators are constantly working at upgrading their systems and enforcing password protection at several levels to avoid data theft. However, protecting your network across all cyber threats can be quite a daunting task, requiring the help of professionals. Some tips to safeguard your network have been highlighted below:

Identify and Upgrade all Systems

The first step is to have a clear view of all the systems used in the network and assess the most critical points. Once this is done, administrators can provide only restricted access to these terminals through password protection and other measures. Also, it is imperative to ensure that all systems are up to date. Outdated systems are among the most common reasons for hackers to gain access to your network and steal data.

Assess points of Vulnerability in the Network

This is a critical step in securing your network from threats and helps you identify any weak or vulnerable points of access in your network. There are several tools available to detect these vulnerabilities but may not be effective without expert knowledge regarding their usage and analyzing the information. The reports generated by these tools tend to be quite extensive which can overwhelm someone without the technical expertise to understand and work on it.

Secure any identified thefts instantly

Once all the systems have been assessed, the administrators must work to secure the network at all vulnerable points indicated. These can be done manually or automatically. For small networks manual remediation may work as the number of systems and access points are very few. However, for larger networks, automatic remedial options are best as they are able to instantly detect and inform the administrator of any threat that is detected. In some instances, one can also set up fixes for routine issues to keep them in check.

Continuous threat and Vulnerability Management

Once you have secured your network, you need to constantly monitor and upgrade your systems to get rid of any points of vulnerability in the networks. In many instances, administrators do not follow up and upgrade their threat management tool regularly, making their network vulnerable to hackers over time. 

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