How are the best Management Consultants are Creating Values for Businesses?

The domain of consulting exists to assist organizations in value creation through improved efficiency; the objective advice and systematic implementation of business solution help organization move fast on growth ladder.  At times the organization have expertise in an area but don't really understand how to put different pieces together, the consultant helps you just do that.  The number of such management consultants in Delhi are booking up at a great number, who work in different domain areas like Information Technology, HR and Finance. 

Domain expertise and Best practices

Consultants are experts in their domain, their expertise comes from serving multiple clients in the same domain, and they will have access to multiple functions. They have perhaps solved a similar problem with some other client in a different sector already.

This helps the consultant in reinventing the wheel quickly by applying the lessons learned previously. The consultants either independent or working with a company have access to a vast pool of knowledge which is accessible to them by virtue of being part of that organization in form of white papers, project reviews, process checklists and other documents. Domain expertise ranges in market insights, best practices in Solution implementation, Product research, Future trends etc.

A consultant will have to deal with people across the organization starting from the CEO of a company to an employee on the floor and it empowers them with a unique set of knowledge about organization culture and behavior

Outsider's view

When working on a solution, often companies are blinded by their own assumptions and could not see the obvious, as Andy grove said in his famous book Only the Paranoid Survive "The person who is the star of previous era is often the last one to adapt to change, the last one to yield to logic of a strategic inflection point and tends to fall harder than most."

The decisions like changing the product line, exploring a new market, canalizing a successful but aging product is difficult to take and even difficult to communicate to all stakeholders. An outsider's expertise helps you build the case and communicate the same with effectiveness.

Unbiased view

By virtue of being an outsider, a consultant is not bounded by typical logics prevalent in the organization, no baggage to carry, no bias to previous successes, no political affiliation, going purely by data and expertise. While working in an organization, even the best minds are occupied by the operational issues and often the victim of their own successes and biases. On the other hand, a consultant will purely go by data, challenging your every assumption objectively thereby helping you think the unthinkable.

Cost Benefits

As they say, experiences are precious but costly. An organization is answerable to various stakeholders and decisions like expanding to a new market, exploring a new product or domain, opening up a new branch, outsourcing the core work, if successful hailed as innovation and proves the leadership skill of the CEO, on the other hand if they fail can cost the career to top management and a market share to the company. In cases like this, it's important to learn from mistakes of others, follow the proven path to begin with and minimize the risk as much possible. A consultant will help you in situations like this by bringing market knowledge, expertise of the domain, multi-faceted analysis of the problem and operational challenges.

Change Management

Very often, it's difficult for the CEOs to communicate an unpopular decision, irrespective of its importance for survival of the organization; a consultant helps you build that case with supporting data and inference and communicating the impact of decision on future of your organization.

Thus the true work of a Management Consultant is all about Creating Values in the domains in which it has its expertise. It is to work closely with corporations to help them reduce costs, integrate crucial businesses processes and assist them in making informed decisions.



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